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BOTOX® Treatment for Migraine Headaches, Facial Pain, and TMJ Therapy

Not Just for Wrinkles Anymore!

botox in Plainfield IL

We are pleased to announce that Ahoyt Family Dental is now providing BOTOX® Treatment to our patients as a cutting-edge alternative for migraine headaches, facial pain, and TMJ Therapy! BOTOX® injections have proven to be very effective in relieving pain with TMJ disorders, reducing bruxism (grinding of teeth) and reducing or even eliminating tension type migraines.

In February 2011, the FDA approved the use of botulinum toxin (BOTOX®) for chronic migraine and facial pain as a primary treatment. This highly purified protein has proven very effective in pain relief from muscle sources. Some studies suggest that approximately 85% of TMJ and other facial pain disorders are muscles related. BOTOX® affects muscles by decreasing the intensity of muscle contractions, allowing the muscles to still function, but to relax them just enough to prevent intense contraction, which can cause the pain along with tooth damage.

A complete dental and medical evaluation is required for proper diagnosis. Schedule a consultation today with Ahoyt Family Dental!

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